Dermatologist in Walnut Creek, CA offers skin treatments such as chemical peels

Skin Treatments, Chemical Peels

Walnut Creek, CA area patients looking for a dermatologist in the community that offers a wide selection of skin enhancement services are welcome to book a consultation visit with Dr. M. Christine Lee. With the use of amazing technologies, patients can look and feel their best. Skin treatment options such as chemical peels are often recommended for patients in the community who are interested in a versatile, minimally invasive solution for poor texture and tone. Chemical peels sometimes referred to as derma peeling or chemexfoliation, are treatments that can reduce the unwanted signs of aging while improving the texture of … Continue reading

Learn about effective acne treatment with a dermatologist in the area of Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. M. Christine Lee and the staff at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute provide treatment for a variety of skin and body conditions

Dr. M. Christine Lee and the staff at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute provide treatment for a variety of skin and body conditions, including medical and cosmetic concerns. Patients in the Walnut Creek, CA area who are dealing with acne want effective solutions. Our practice is equipped to help patients with the treatments needed to achieve results and reduce or even eliminate stubborn acne. Acne explained There are many misconceptions regarding acne. It used to be considered a condition only experienced by teenagers due to hormonal changes. People also believed that acne was caused by eating chocolate or greasy … Continue reading

What are the benefits of laser acne scar removal in Walnut Creek, CA?

Dr. Lee at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute explains about The laser acne scar removal in the Walnut Creek, CA area

Walnut Creek, CA area patients who are interested in addressing acne scars are welcome to ask Dr. M. Christine Lee and her team at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute about the advantages of laser solutions. What are acne scars? Patients who have had severe cases of acne in the past may be at risk for developing acne scars. Acne scars are pits or marks on the skin that are left behind from pustules that may have incorrectly healed. They can be anything from a shallow divot in the skin to a deep hole known as an “ice pick scar.” … Continue reading

Find the best acne treatment with the professionals in Walnut Creek

Find the best acne treatment

It’s not unusual for patients to come to The Skin & Laser Treatment Institute after experiencing acne. You may be frustrated over OTC cleansers and other products that didn’t make a difference in the appearance or feel of your skin. You’re not the problem; the problem is companies that develop acne medication only with younger patients in mind. The Best Acne Treatment in Walnut Creek at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute considers your specific needs and personal characteristics. For example, teenagers tend to develop acne across the entire face due to oiliness brought on by puberty. Adult women may … Continue reading

Seeking acne scar removal? Walnut Creek laser specialists offer customized, precision treatment

Seeking acne scar removal

Don’t live with unpleasant reminders of acne outbreaks. Trust your laser acne scar removal in Walnut Creek to the best. Internationally recognized for her knowledge of laser- and light-based technologies, Dr. Christine Lee not only offers 40-plus devices but also works with companies to develop the latest, greatest laser innovations. Taking all of this into account, The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute has the breadth and depth of expertise to meet and effectively treat your unique needs. Did you know? Scars are actually your body’s way of healing itself. When your skin is injured, collagen “fills in” and reconnects wounded … Continue reading

Walnut Creek residents learn the benefits of laser acne scar removal

Benefits of laser acne scar removal

The woes of acne as a teenager can haunt you long after school days have ended. Whether you suffered for years with acne, still experience adult acne, or have scars to remind you of prior skin problems, treatments are available. Located in Walnut Creek, Dr. Christine Lee offers laser procedures for acne scar removal. Preventing scars Prevention is often the best treatment. Do not pop pimples! We understand the embarrassment caused by acne, but picking at it only makes the problem worse. It can cause redness, broken skin, inflammation, infection, and scars. Avoiding sun exposure helps in acne treatment, as … Continue reading

Dermatologist in San Francisco offers treatment for acne

Treatment for acne

Many patients with acne in the San Francisco area will start off with over-the-counter cleansers and topical treatments in an attempt to reduce and control their acne. However, some of these products do not provide results, especially for patients who are dealing with more severe cases of acne. Dr. Christine Lee, board certified dermatologist at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute works with many men and women who have exhausted over-the-counter options when it comes to controlling and reducing their acne. This is when they consider the benefits of working with a dermatologist who specializes in skin care and skin … Continue reading

What acne scar treatments might Walnut Creek area dermatologist recommend?

Acne scar treatments

Acne scars that are left behind from past breakouts can be an unwanted reminder of past skin concerns. When patients in the Walnut Creek area have addressed active acne lesions, they may be left with acne scars. Many patients visit the practice of Dr. Christine Lee of The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute to ask about effective acne scar treatment. Before patients address their acne scarring, they must speak to a dermatological professional to determine the type and severity of the acne scars. Some may even resolve over time, while others are permanent and they must be addressed with treatment. … Continue reading

How Bay Area patients can seek treatment for pimple scars

Treatment for pimple scars

Pimple scars are often a concern of patients in the Bay Area who have struggled in the past with severe acne. Acne is a condition of the skin that affects adults as well as teenagers-in fact, Dr. Christine Lee continues to see more and more adults coming into her practice seeking assistance with acne. Though some patients can address acne with over-the-counter products, others need the help of a quality board certified dermatologist to develop a treatment plan that may include prescription products and regular therapies such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser treatments. Patients in the Bay Area who … Continue reading

Lafayette area dermatologist describes the removal of acne scars

Dermatologist describes the removal of acne scars

One of the unwanted aftereffects of a condition such as acne is scars. Lafayette area patients are often interested in speaking to a professional such as Dr. Christine Lee of The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute about the removal of acne scars. Acne scars vary. They may be permanent or may fade over time, depending on the type. During an initial consultation and examination with a professional, board certified dermatologist, the type and treatment choice can be determined based on severity of the condition and the budget of the patient. Dr. Christine Lee has a number of methods available for … Continue reading

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