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Benefits of Cellulaze

Women of all ages can develop cellulite, which can result in lumpy, bumpy skin on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. While it has been said that cellulite is a result of excess fat, this is not the case. Instead, it is a result of tight connective tissues in the area, which can cause pockets of fat to push around these tissues and against the skin, causing dimpling, which is characteristic of cellulite.

Many women have tried massage techniques and topical creams to help in combating cellulite, but none of these will truly work. Instead, Dr. Christine Lee of The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute suggests that patients consider alternative solutions that can provide results, including a treatment known as Cellulaze™.

Cellulaze™ is done under local anesthetics and it uses specialized cannulas to disperse laser energy just underneath the skin where these connective tissues are. It works by breaking up these tissues to reduce the lumpy fat deposits that develop and negatively affect the texture and appearance of the skin. These cannulas are inserted in very small incisions around the thighs and buttocks and they provide patients with a tried-and-true procedure against cellulite. The procedure can take approximately two hours, but patients are made comfortable throughout treatment.

Patients who have Cellulaze™ completed by Dr. Christine Lee will also want to discuss after-care instructions to maximize results. It is common for patients to notice slight aching and bruising for several days, but this can be controlled with a compression garment, which can be worn for up to a week after the procedure. Most patients are able to resume their normal activity within two days. Results are seen immediately and they will continue to improve over the course of several month, allowing many patients to feel confident and bikini-ready in no time at all!

Thanks to the team of The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute, men and women have a wide range of aesthetic solutions available for improving the texture, tone, and health of the skin, as well as address body contour concerns that may make them feel less confidence and reduce their self-esteem. If cellulite is causing a problem for you, now is the time to contact Dr. Christine Lee to book a consultation appointment and find out more about Cellulaze™.

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