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The Ultimate Guide for the Best Skin Ever: LASERS

The first in a series of direct to consumer books, The Ultimate Guide For the Best Skin Ever: Lasers serves as a no-nonsense, straight-talking resource to readers who want the inside information on cosmetic skin laser treatments.

With laser centers popping up on every corner like Starbuck’s, and with more than 20 laser companies pushing hundreds of different lasers and procedures, how does a 21st century consumer know how to get the best for their money? By reading this book.

If you are truly interested in taking advantage of modern technology to reverse aging and enhance beauty, you are not optimizing the possibilities if you haven’t considered laser cosmetic surgery. Lasers are capable of rejuvenating the skin in ways previously unimaginable and unachievable by other technologies. They are amongst the most amazing medical advances of the modern era.

World renowned pioneer and leading authority on laser cosmetic surgery, Dr. M. Christine Lee shares her priceless insight on the laser industry and helps you become a smart consumer as you try to decide which laser procedure to invest in. This is a true insider’s look at the nitty gritty of a multi-billion dollar industry. These are the things that other doctors would never tell you and don’t want you to know! Dr. Lee will help guide you through the in’s and out’s of an industry that thrives off of consumer naiveté and gullibility to marketing and hype.

A well-done laser procedure performed by a top-notch laser surgeon could cost thousands of dollars but could be the best investment you ever made…if you choose the right doctor and the right laser. The wrong decision could cost you to throw away lots of money…and worse yet, result in permanent irreversible damage.

You cannot consider yourself an avant-garde consumer of beauty without the knowledge contained in this book. Going for a laser procedure without first reading this book would be like trying to master a language without learning the alphabet first, or finding a new city without a roadmap, or making a gourmet meal without a recipe.

The Ultimate Guide for the Best Skin Ever: LASERS

The Ultimate Guide for the Best Skin Ever: LASERS


Chapter 1 : Overview
Chapter 2 : Review of Lasers
Chapter 3 : Choosing the Right Doctor
Chapter 4 : "Burn as You Learn" - The Dangers and Hazards of Laser Salons
Chapter 5 : Shadows, Rogues, and Dabblers
Chapter 6 : Cutting through the Hype of Marketing, Ads, and the Media
Chapter 7 : New is not Necessarily Better
Chapter 8 : Best Results are Achieved by Combining Multiple Modalities
Chapter 9 : The Future Frontier

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