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Is cellulite treatment effective for Walnut Creek, CA area patients?

Many women, regardless of age, become susceptible to the development of cellulite. Cellulite is often referred to as “cottage cheese thighs” because of the bumpy texture. When Walnut Creek, CA area patients are interested in treatment, they are encouraged to ask their dermatologist about the benefits of Cellulaze.

Is cellulite treatment effective for Walnut Creek, CA? Ask from Dr. Lee Christine at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute

Cellulaze explained

To fully understand how Cellulaze works, Dr. M. Christine Lee explains how cellulite forms. Cellulite is commonly thought to be related to fat. However, this is not the reason it develops. The dimpling seen with cellulite is caused by bands of connective tissue that are underneath the skin. They are tight, and result in small pockets of fat cells being pushed through the areas against the skin. Because skin can be thin, it then reveals the areas of trapped fat as dimples and bumps.

While there have been many products that claim to reduce or eliminate cellulite, including creams and special massage techniques, none of these address cellulite, because they fail to target the problem at the source. However, with Cellulaze, patients can enjoy an effective treatment that addresses the structural problems that develop underneath the skin to cause cellulite, resulting in noticeably smoother skin.

Cellulaze is a special procedure that is done in a minimally invasive manner. It uses a few incisions strategically placed around the treatment area where a cannula with laser fibers is inserted to break up the connective tissue underneath the skin. Additionally, these same lasers stimulate collagen production to improve the thickness and quality of the skin, greatly reducing the appearance of cellulite in the area. The procedure takes approximately two hours, and is performed with local anesthetics.

What can I expect after Cellulaze treatments?

First, patients love to hear that the procedure is done with local anesthetics for optimum comfort. During the treatment, patients will feel light pressure in the area. Following the procedure, typically the day after, patients will experience achiness and light bruising, which may be improved with the use of a compression garment. Most patients can resume their normal activities within two days. They’ll see the results, with continued reduction of cellulite due to collagen production occurring over the course of several months. The areas where incisions were made to insert the cannula heal nicely and are so small, they are practically invisible! Patients see results not only with cellulite but with improved skin elasticity and thickness. 93 percent of patients who underwent Cellulaze for clinical research were completely satisfied with the results and would recommend it to others.

Is Cellulaze treatment effective?

Absolutely! Because Cellulaze uses amazing laser technology to break down the connective fibers that cause cellulite, patients will see results! Instead of wasting time and money on products that have not been proven to provide any improvement, patients love the chance to invest in a true treatment that is effective at reducing cellulite in common problem areas.

Who is a candidate?

Any patient who has cellulite and is unhappy with the appearance of their skin are welcome to speak to Dr. M. Christine Lee about undergoing Cellulaze cellulite treatment to see results. Our team of professionals assesses patients during their initial consultation appointment to determine if this treatment is best for their specific needs. Many patients are excited to learn that their cellulite treatment can be broken up into payments to make it even more attainable, regardless of the final cost.

What are the benefits of Cellulaze?

  • Technologically advanced
  • Effective
  • Proven to provide results
  • Cleared by the FDA
  • Affordable
  • Revolutionary

Schedule an appointment to learn about cellulite treatment with Cellulaze!

Dr. M. Christine Lee and the dedicated staff at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute in Walnut Creek, CA can assist patients with cellulite without surgical intervention. Using Cellulaze technology, patients now have an option available to them for the treatment of stubborn skin! If you are interested in learning more about this and other cosmetic solutions available, we encourage you to book an appointment by calling the front office team at (925) 528-0117. Our team of professionals are conveniently located in Suite 125 of 370 North Wiget Lane.

Dr. Christine Lee

Dr. Min-Wei Christine Lee

Dr. Christine Lee is a Board-certified Dermatologist with sub-specialties in laser surgery, cosmetic surgery, Mohs Micrographic Surgery, facial plastic reconstruction, and dermatologic surgery. She leads The Skin And Laser Treatment Institute as its Director and serves as Clinical Faculty for the Department of Dermatologic Surgery at the University of California San Francisco. Patients travel from across the globe for her expertise, and Dr. Lee has trained thousands of stateside and international doctors.

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