San Francisco Bay area dermatologist offers permanent laser removal of unwanted hair

Permanent laser removal of unwanted hair

Both men and women often experience the development of unwanted hair on their skin. It may be anywhere from the face to the legs. Some may want complete removal of this hair, while others may just want it to appear less thick. When patients are interested in hair reduction or removal, Dr. Christine Lee of The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute may suggest a service known as laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal has come a long way over the years. Patients are able to enjoy the reduction of hair in a specific area of the body, and with several treatments, complete removal. The results are permanent, as the laser affects the hair follicle itself; damaging it so it cannot produce hair. Treatment can be done anywhere on the body, while the more common areas include the face, chest, back, underarms, bikini line, and legs.

Laser hair removal is a rather comfortable procedure. Patients will relax on our treatment table or chair with the treatment area exposed. A numbing cream will be applied to the skin to ensure comfort. Then the laser device is applied to the skin in passes, with the light pulsing to target the hair follicles. Some patients experience a slight tingling or snapping sensation; but, this is often not bothersome to individuals and tolerated well. Patients will notice after their treatment session that hair will begin to fall out. This is a good sign! The hair will be gradually reduced over time as patients come in for more sessions. The number of treatments needed for a particular area of the body will vary depending on many factors. Most patients can expect approximately 6-8 sessions total for full removal. These sessions are spaced weeks apart so the laser can target all the hair during the active growth cycle.

Dr. Christine Lee has over 40 laser devices in her practice in the San Francisco Bay area, and encourages her patients to learn about how these treatments can address blemishes and other imperfections of the skin and body. Contact The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute today to find out more about laser hair removal and other solutions available by our board certified dermatologist.

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