Achieving permanent hair removal in San Francisco

Achieving permanent hair removal

Unwanted hair can be time consuming and costly to address every day. Dr. Christine Lee at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute in the San Francisco area can assist men and women with permanent hair removal with laser treatment.

Technology allows patients the opportunity to achieve much more than ever thought possible. Dr. Christine Lee uses some of the most advanced laser therapies to address unwanted hair on the body. Whether patients want to remove hair on the legs, underarms, chest, back, or face, our practice offers treatment that can provide exceptional results.

Permanent hair removal with laser therapy is becoming increasingly popular as patients realize how amazing hairless skin can be! Dr. Christine Lee speaks with both men and women regularly who are interested in banishing unwanted hair from the body for good! Laser hair removal is safe, effective, and FDA approved for reduction and removal of hair on the body and face. Treatment is relatively comfortable and patients do not need to schedule any downtime or recovery after their sessions. Patients return to their regular activities without interruption.

Laser hair removal does require patients to undergo regular treatments through The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute. More than one session is necessary for optimum results. This is because the lasers address hair follicles only in the active growth phase. Hair grows in cycles, and the appointments will be scheduled several weeks apart. The number of sessions necessary depends greatly on the way the hair reacts to treatment and the hair growth cycle. One appointment will not provide permanent results, though it can greatly reduce the amount of hair in the treatment area.

Dr. Christine Lee and the team at The East Bay The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute encourages patients to take the time to learn about laser hair removal and how it can provide effective, affordable, and permanent results. Our team of professionals is here to consult with new and existing patients who are interested in treatment and want to find a way to achieve smooth, hair free skin.

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