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What is SmartLipo?

Even with a strict, regulated diet and exercise program, some patients are just unable to address certain areas of stubborn fat deposits. The stomach and the thighs are often two of the areas most complained about by patients who are trying to improve their health and appearance with diet and exercise. No matter how many sit-ups and squats a patient may do, they may still find that there are portions of the body where the fat and unwanted contours just don’t budge. Thanks to advances in technology, patients can now address these areas with the use of SmartLipo. Walnut Creek dermatologist, Dr. Lee of The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute provides SmartLipo for patients who are appropriate candidates for this treatment.

SmartLipo is a procedure that has been used for several years, and obtained FDA approval in 2006 as a safe and effective way of removing unwanted fat deposits from areas of the body. Unlike traditional liposuction procedures, which can result in higher risks and longer downtime, SmartLipo can provide a less invasive way for patients to target areas of the body that are troublesome. SmartLipo can give patients better body contours and make them feel better about the way they look.

SmartLipo requires the use of local anesthetic instead of generalized anesthesia, and most patients return to their regular routine in just a few days. SmartLipo also reduces the amount of bleeding, bruising, and discomfort that a patient may experience had they undergone traditional liposuction. Laser devices such as SmartLipo are very precise and can allow Dr. Lee to provide the best in body contouring.

Dr. Lee of The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute is proud to offer SmartLipo, along with other cosmetic procedures that can help patients feel better about the way they look, while improving their overall confidence and self-esteem.

If you are within 25 pounds of your ideal weight and struggle with various areas of fat deposits on your body, it might be the best time for you to consider the benefits of SmartLipo. Call Dr. Lee today to request a consultation to learn more about SmartLipo and other procedures that can contour your body.

What is SmartLipo
Dr. Christine Lee

Dr. Min-Wei Christine Lee

Dr. Christine Lee is a Board-certified Dermatologist with sub-specialties in laser surgery, cosmetic surgery, Mohs Micrographic Surgery, facial plastic reconstruction, and dermatologic surgery. She leads The Skin And Laser Treatment Institute as its Director and serves as Clinical Faculty for the Department of Dermatologic Surgery at the University of California San Francisco. Patients travel from across the globe for her expertise, and Dr. Lee has trained thousands of stateside and international doctors.

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