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  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews By Michael M.
    M Christine Lee, M.D.
    Right Quote Definitely no one better in the bay area. I have been so impressed with her bedside manner and most of all with her results. If you want results then you should make an appointment right away. Right Quote
    Reviewed by ~ Michael M. Best in Town
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews By M.B.
    Right Quote Words can not describe how grateful I am to Dr. Lee for saving my face and honestly I would say my life. She's an absolute master and genius at what she does. I wouldn't even be able to show my face in public now if it weren't for her. I had the worst scars on my face that were so bad they scared other people. These scars were caused by a doctor who burned my face with a laser. I would have been happy just looking a little better but Dr. Lee was able to make my face look almost normal again. I can cover most of what's left with make-up now and most people can't tell what had happened to me. I still have internal scars from what that other doctor did but at least the outside scars are pretty much gone. I wish I had never had to go thru all this but I'm just grateful that there was someone like Dr. Lee who could help me get my face back. Right Quote
    ~ M.B.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews By Sue R.
    Right Quote Absolutely the best results. I wish I had gone to her first instead of wasting my money with no-nothing nurses are doctors who talk a good game but are merely dabblers. I got the results I needed and now look 15 years younger. She is a miracle worker! Right Quote
    ~ Sue R.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews By Tiffany Z.
    Right Quote She's the best doctor!

    Dr. Lee treated my moles and also the moles on my 2 young girls with laser. They were very scared but Dr. Lee did a great job getting them to trust her. She was very patient and kind. AFter the first time, my daughters thought it was no big deal and were no longer scared. She did a great job removing the moles and we're all so happy! I wouldn't trust anyone else to treat me or my family. She's the best! Right Quote
    ~ Tiffany Z.
  • Rating: 5 Five Star Reviews By D.G.
    Right Quote The only doctor who helped my rosacea

    I have really bad rosacea and sensitive skin and haven't been able to find any doctor who can help me...that is, until I found Dr. M. Christine Lee. I've seen several other very well-known derms and spent tons of money trying to get my rosacea under control. I've had fotofacials, IPL, VBeam, you name it, I've had it. Nothing has really made a difference. I almost gave up until I found out about Dr. Lee from the online rosacea support group. I heard great things about a laser procedure she developed. I started seeing her over a year ago and have gone thru several treatments and I am THRILLED!!!! I feel like a normal person for the first time in my life. No more redness and burning. Her treatment has been a miracle for me. All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Right Quote
    ~ D.G.
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About Dr. Lee
Dr.Christine Lee
Min-Wei Christine Lee, M.D., M.P.H. is Board-certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology and further sub-specialized by completing a distinguished fellowship in Laser Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Mohs Micrographic Surgery/Skin Cancer/Facial Plastic Reconstruction, and Advanced Dermatologic Surgery from University of California, San Francisco.


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  New York Cosmetic Dermatologist, Leading Skin Specialist in NY
5 Star review by Anne F
" Dr Lee has outstanding knowledge and experience in laser dermatology. After training as a fellow in some of the world’s most advanced dermatology centers she now runs her own well established laser center where she offers a full range of advanced laser treatments. She has exposure to the latest lasers and she delivers an annual lecture at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting when she reviews, for other dermatologists, all the latest laser treatments. This is a very popular lecture and for many US and international dermatologists is one of the highlights of the annual meeting.

As a dermatologist with my own practice I had the privilege of learning from Dr Lee in her clinic. Her extensive laser experience allowed her to use the lasers at settings which were more advanced than the laser companies publish and to combine different lasers in one setting for maximal effect. As a result, the patients gained more noticeable improvement from a single session but patient safety was always put first. Because Dr Lee has so many lasers available she was also able to offer her patients a full range of treatment options from fully ablative lasers with dramatic results to gentler non-ablative options. Dr Lee’s laser clinic is an excellent way to experience more advanced laser techniques "
– Anne F.
5 Star review by SB
" Margaret is delightful. In fact the whole team is friendly and very helpful even on the busiest, chaotic days. My experiences at the institute have all been positive. Margaret Mayer introduced herself, she was thorough, very caring and very knowledgeable. In fact I would love to have her as my PCP. Dr. Lee, you are to be commended on your wonderful team. "
– SB
5 Star review by John F.
" Dr. Lee and her wonderful staff did my mohs surgery. A goofball size cancer on the top of my head. She did it in office, it was amazing. I won't go into details. I will say she saved my life 4yrs ago. I'm a bleeder so it wasn't easy. Now this father of 10 with 17 grandkids is able to spend the holidays and birthdays for a long time with my grateful family.
Thank you. "
– John F.
5 Star Review By  Sarah P.
" Dr. Lees office is some of the nicest medical professional people that I have encountered. I am grateful for the way they communicate with me and my daughter. We see them every week and it continues to be a pleasure. I would definitely refer this office and actually have. "
– Sarah P.
5 star review by a Thelma K.
" Dr. Christine Lee is such an extra ordinary doctor. She is very comforting and reassuring. Her inspirational words gave me the strength not to fear pain and needles.Words cannot describe how grateful I am that you have a very tender touch. I hardly felt anything when you removed the cyst on my back and the skin tag hanging on my nose. You have a special gift as a surgeon and you did such a phenomenal job. Thank you so much Dr. Lee for your great humor, care and attention. I am in awe of your magical skills and your manner put me at ease and helped me gain confidence.

Dr. Christine Lee, you are the best doctor in my books. I will highly recommend you being a brilliant doctor and surgeon. I love and admire your staff. They are all very professional, sweet and very kind.Thank you! "
– Thelma K.
5 star review by Chey T.
" Dr. Christine Lee is such a remarkable doctor that I respect and trust. Thank you Dr. Lee for your excellent care and exceptional professional abilities. I appreciate your caring nature and I adore your loving personality.

I used to associate the word surgery to misery. After being under your care, I now associate surgery with healthy recovery. Dr. Lee, you approach surgery like an artist and you always take your time to do the job right. Thank you very much for taking care of me and being so skilled at what you do. If every doctor is as caring and generous as you, the world as they say will always be filled with smile and laughter instead of pain and sorrow. Your presence is priceless. Thank you for comforting me and taking away my pain and stress. I feel blessed to have come your way. I adore your staff and they are as caring and loving as you are. "
– Chey T.
5 star review by a Nora H K.
" I have had two treatments by Dr. Christine Lee, and they were exceptional and the results were great and I was extremely worried. The staff are fantastic. One was on my face. I have tremendous respect for her and the professionals with whom she works. And I have referred others to her. "
– Nora H K.
5 star review by a Anonymous Verified customer
" Went to The Skin & Laser Treatment Institute at the recommendation of a friend. Saw PA Megan Hardin; she was great! It was my first time for a full body scan for potential skin concerns; she was extremely professional, relate-able and comforting. Great experience and will continue my treatment with her at The Skin & Laser Treatment Institute. "
– Anonymous Verified customer
4 star review by a Anonymous Verified customer
" It was good. I was given comprehensive information in the free consultation "
– Anonymous Verified customer
" I was given excellent care by skilled professionals. "
– Jay
"I'm so grateful to find this place. There are excellent doctors and nurses. The whole team is very kind,respectful and responsible "
– Jimena R.
"Words can not describe how grateful I am to Dr. Lee for saving my face and honestly I would say my life. She's an absolute master and genius at what she does. I wouldn't even be able to show my face in public now if it weren't for her. I had the worst scars on my face that were so bad they scared other people. These scars were caused by a doctor who burned my face with a laser. I would have been happy just looking a little better but Dr. Lee was able to make my face look almost normal again. I can cover most of what's left with make-up now and most people can't tell what had happened to me. I still have internal scars from what that other doctor did but at least the outside scars are pretty much gone. I wish I had never had to go thru all this but I'm just grateful that there was someone like Dr. Lee who could help me get my face back. "
– Anonymous.
"It can be very scary getting anti-aging procedures done. You can't help wonder – 'will I end up looking like a frozen faced freak?' With Dr. Lee you can relax, she knows what she is doing. Every time she has given me a 'liquid facelift', my results are beautiful. She gives just enough Botox, and just enough Restylane. I look fabulous, not fake. Stop searching and go see Dr. Lee "
– Jillian P.
" Fast easy and friendly service. "
– Dolores F.
"Every time I come in with my son this place is really nice and respectful I just love the receptionist she so funny. "
– James C.
" I have had such amazing experiences with Dr. Lee. She cares about her patients and takes the extra time listen to them and discuss their skin concerns. I had Mohs surgery for skin cancer that was on my nose. She followed up with lasers to make the scar look better. People are amazed when they see how good it looks. I have also had other laser treatments on my face and so pleased with the results. Dr. Lee is a perfectionist and takes a lot of pride in her work. I highly recommend Dr. Lee. "
– Anonymous.
"Dr. Lee is a highly skilled physician with a fantastic staff. They and she have been nothing but kind and generous to me with there time energy and abilities to make me look and feel my best! Great doctor great crew! "
– First W.
"Dr. Christine Lee is a powerhouse. Not only is she an incredibly well respected leader in her field, she is an excellent clinician. I have seen her 5 times for the laser treatment she developed, and is now pioneering in the world of dermatology. The results are beyond anything that I would have expected. I am a doctor myself, just in a different field, and have struggled with acne and scaring from wearing a mask for hours a day. She has treated my entire face and sun spots have disappeared, freckles and moles have either gone away or faded significantly, wrinkles are softer, and the overall tone of my skin has changed. The acne scaring is almost totally gone and breakouts now only happen rarely (yes laser helps with that too!) and she gave me lotion antibiotics to help when then do. My skin hasn't looked this good in years...I HOPE that people with hard to treat acne/scaring find Dr. Lee-she will literally change your face.

Yes, her office is busy and sometimes you might have a wait longer than expected to see her, but I've come to learn that is because she is in high demand and truly excellent at her craft. She loves what she does and takes a lot of pride in the great results her patients have. She also does all other dermatological services e.g. Botox, laser hair removal, wart freezing can get anything done here. I trust her 200% (I have never been so loyal to a doc before)and am writing this review so that hopefully other people can find her as well.

I read some other reviews and want to second that it's good to bring a jacket, water and something to read depending on your treatment because with lasers it has to be kept cool and the numbing cream takes a while to work (trust me you want to be fully numb!). "
– Lily F.
"I have had such amazing experiences with Dr. Lee. She has the biggest heart and cares about her patients. She discovered various skin cancers on me and performed Mohs surgery a couple of times. She took the extra time and care to make certain that the scar on my nose appeared less noticeable. She followed up with lasers to make it look better and people are amazed when they see how good it looks. Dr. Lee takes the extra time listen to her patients and discuss their skin concerns. She has great, honest advice, and offers many treatment options. She is a perfectionist and takes a lot of pride in her work. In addition, Dr.Lee's staff is friendly and professional. I always feel welcome when I go to the office. I have nothing but great things to say about this caring, knowledgeable, and professional doctor. "
– Michele M.
"Excellent dermatologist Highly skilled, professional and takes whatever time is needed to explain procedures that are recommended for your care. Very satisfied with the results. "
– Steve W.
"Dr. Lee knows her business. She's extremely knowledgeable and for that reason, I feel safe in her hands. I've gone to other offices where I never saw the actual doctor and the results looked it. I always return to Dr. Lee. She does run a no-nonsense office that some may be put off by, but I find her pleasant and respect her knowledge. "
– Traci
" I highly recommend Dr. Christine Lee, based on her extensive dermatological laser experience, training, education, reputation and results. Dr. Lee is the ONLY doctor I would entrust for CO2 Laser Resurfacing Surgery (acne scars /wrinkles). Dr. Lee is very trustworthy; she thoroughly and honestly educates the patient on any risks or alternative procedures so the patient can make the best possible informed decision. I now understand why Dr. Lee is known nationally as The Queen of Laser. "
– Kelly A.
"New office, new location. Very nice! As always, very professional Dr and staff. Any concerns about your skin, just ask. Treatment is prompt. I have been going to Dr Lee over 10 years. "
– Tina B.
"Dr. Lee's staff are always friendly and conscientious,and Dr. Lee listened to my concerns providing a careful and thorough laser treatment. Great results so far! "
– Karen J.
"Dr. Lee is truly and exceptional physician. I went to see her back when I 12 (22 now) struggling with cystic acne, we tried everything and eventually I was treated with Accutane. Dr. Lee and her PA Sunny worked with me for years to get my skin to where it is today, completely acne and scar free!

They listen to all of your concerns and are at the same time highly efficient, getting straight to the point. They will present you with every option available to satisfy your needs. After being to a multitude of doctors, I rank Dr. Lee at the very top of my list. Yes, she is a very busy physician. This is because she is in high demand and at the top of her field.

Dr. Lee is on the cutting edge of dermatology treatments and will offer you the very best treatment options. Without their time and care I would have had scars lasting a lifetime. Her front desk staff, especially Michelle, is one of the best I have encountered. To this day, I return to them for all of my dermatological needs and would recommend them to anyone who wants to be treated by the best! "
– Katie G.
"I can't thank Dr. Lee and her staff enough. Dr. Lee did an amazing job of removing a very difficult basal cell carcinoma from my nose. She was honest and also gave me options, with all surrounding parameters, regarding the reconstruction. It was very scary, but Dr. Lee was reassuring and made me feel very confident in her knowledge and abilities. I am four weeks out from the surgery and my nose looks pretty darn good. After the nose surgery, her P.A., Megan, performed a whole body exam. She found three suspicious spots, biopsied them, and they indeed came back as bcc. As a proficient P.A., Megan proved her knowledge and ability with identifying these lesions and biopsying them. I would say that to consider her knowledge and skills as indicative of "deteriorating professional standards" (as another reviewer wrote of PAs performing biopsies) demonstrates ignorance at best of the education and training that PAs receive in order to undertake this work. Further, Dr. Lee's entire staff demonstrated nothing but professionalism, competency, and - as a bonus - appropriate humor at important moments. I am grateful to have found Dr. Lee and her staff and, again, thank all of them for their fantastic work through a very scary time for me."
– Bonnie N.
"Dr. Lee was very thorough in her explanations. She took lots of time doing the injections, the whole process seemed very artistic to me. However I had to go back twice after the first appointment and I still didn't have a satisfactory result; I ended up visiting another injector (Cynthia Silorio NP) who successfully achieved the improvements I was looking for."
– Moonchild13
"Dr. Lee is direct and to the point; I like that she doesn't mince her words and tells you what she thinks is best for you. I was quite impressed with Dr. Lee the morning of my procedure when I told her that my husband said I could go ahead and get my upper abdomen done if I really wanted to, and believe me I really wanted to, why not right? I'm there! But Dr. Lee told me to wait that it wasn't necessary. Tell me how many Drs would say that? I cannot stress how happy I am to this day with the results. I also have to add that I met Dr. Lee when I was in my 20ies (I'm 42 now) and she was a godsend. I had some moles removed and the Dr who did the procedure really messed me up. He then sent me to a plastic surgeon who didn't help and that dr set up a meeting with Dr. Lee. I had huge scars from the mess up on my upper chest that, as Dr. Lee thought, looked like gunshot wounds. Dr. Lee became my advocate to have my insurance cover the cost and fixed my scars with laser treatments over a course on months and months and I have to add that she invented the laser. If it hadn't been for Dr. Lee I would still have the horrible scars so it was a no brainer to go to her for my liposuction procedure."
– Cferris
"I've been to see Dr. Lee for over 4 years now and I will never, ever change dermatologists. She is an expert with the needle (Botox and Juvederm) and with the scalpel (skin cancer surgery). She has helped me and my whole family with a myriad of cosmetic and medical issues. She is always professional and really takes her time with us."
– Jesse
"Dr Lee is amazing! She is truly a God sent. Being a black male I had no idea where to go for someone with my hyperpigmentation issues that specialize with ethnic skin. I have already gone to her 4 times and LOVE the results. A few months ago I felt depressed and lost. She truly has given me my life back. Thank you so much Dr Lee you are amazing."
– Micah .K
"There is no one better for lasers. She is THE laser person out here. My rosacea is no longer a problem because of the laser treatments she's done on me. I also had 2 skin cancers on my face that she took care of for me with Mohs surgery. Having skin cancer was very stressful but her office made the experience as easy as possible, and Dr. Lee took exceptional care of me. Highly recommend with no reservations."
– Tony .S
"Dr Lee is a wonderful doctor. I brought two of my sons to see her, one for acne and one for an acute dandruff condition. I found her through the John Muir Doc directory and after reading her qualifications (teacher/consultant for laser manufactures) I knew that we found our doc. I found Dr Lee to be very smart and knowledgeable. She answered all of our questions and the results were wonderful! I have been singing her praises to all of my friends! She has really given my teen son his confidence back. If you want results go see Doc Lee!"
– John .M
"I have a number of acne scars, moles, freckles and wrinkles on face that have accumulated over past years from pregnancy, stress and sun damage. Dr. Lee's laser lite facial performed wonders and took 10 years off my face! Results were immediate. I have not seen my face so smooth and clear. Even my laugh wrinkles around my eyes are lot less noticeable. I am absolutely grateful to Dr. Lee for inventing this technology and procedure and her professional service. Dr. Lee's education and advice for care has helped me maximize and sustain results following the procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Lee's laser lite facial for anyone looking to clarify their skin and remove wrinkles. "
– Angel .S
"Dr. Lee is an exceptional doctor. I have been seeing her since 2010 and she has handled precancerous bumps I got from sun exposure, and a cancerous spot as well. Dr. Lee found a melanoma on my leg that was surgically removed, thanks to her it was caught and never spread. She's an excellent doctor and I highly recommend her."
– Doug .M
"Love them,they helped save my life,seriously the staff are wonderful."
– John .F
"I am Asian and had a chemical peel a few years ago. I had no idea being Asian that this would cause my skin to age faster and create all these dark brown spots on my face. I was horrified and spent months finding a doctor that specializes in treating such conditions. Luckily I found Dr. Lee. She is the only doctor that I could find worldwide that specializes in treating Asian skin. Dr. Lee is so patient about her work that she even invented and patented her own non-invasive equipment. I travel from out of state and have had so far two treatments. I am VERY happy with the results and I have no doubt my skin will look even better as I continue on with my treatments."
– Leslie W
"I always enjoy my visits to Dr Lee's office. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I'm always treated with kindness and concern that everything is going well during my visit/treatment. I think Dr. Lee is the best in her field and I've tried others. I wouldn't think of going to anyone else. I always get compliments on my appearance and how beautiful my skin is and this is from strangers!"
– Dolores F
"I feel I'm getting excellent care. Dr. Lee is highly qualified and has assembled a professional, friendly and caring staff. Her office aesthetician is also a a wonderful resource for certain non-medical aspects of facial aftercare. My questions get answered and I'm treated respectfully. I have always been made comfortable during my visits to the office. "
– Anonymous
"Dr. Lee is very personable and friendly. She really spent quality time with me and explained everything in detail so I understood it. I would highly recommend her to anybody who is looking for a top notch Dermatologist. "
– Laura N
"She gave me my life back!
About a year ago I got very bad adult acne all over my entire face. There was a point when I thought I had it under control but it would just come back. The biggest issue was the post acne brown spots that was left everywhere when my acne went away. It was everywhere and I was so depressed, I didn't want to go outside but when I had to I had a hat on and hoodie if possible to cover as much of my face as possible. I felt lost and didn't know what I was going to do. I started going to different derms around Sacramento and some brushed me off and some gave me all types of topicals that made my skin worse. I was glued to google search and youtube to try and find how to get my clear skin back that I had just a few month prior. I found Dr Lee and put all of my faith in her. I was very emotional when I first met her and she was very caring about what I was going through and told me that she was going to be able to help me...AND SHE DID! I began to get laser light treatments and being an african american man I was nervous about getting laser treatments but Dr Lee is truly in my opinion the best in her field. She knows what she is doing and if you listen to her she will give you your peace back your smile back your life back. I'm so thankful for Dr Lee, I don't know where I would be if I didn't find her. I'm going to my next laser light treatment tomorrow and I'm so excited; I've never been excited for a doctors appointment but after seeing the results of my first treatment I couldn't want to go back for the treatments that followed. Thank you Dr Lee so much you are wonderful and you have given me my life back!"
– Micah K.
"Dear Dr. Lee, Steve, Michele, & Teresa,
Each of you, in your own special way, goes far beyond the "extra mile" to provide expert treatment and take gentle care of D_ and me. D_'s case is so serious & challenging yet you all never make us feel that we are a burden. Words cannot adequately express our appreciation and gratitude for all you do."
– KM
"I went to Dr. Lee's office for another Laser treatment again today! Once again, she and her staff did not disappoint. I am not sure why other reviewers had such negative reviews because this is my 6 visits to Dr. Lee and she was working on the freckles/brown spots around my eye area with the best care and satisfaction. YES I SAID MY EYE AREA! The same sensitive area where people are afraid to touch and prod in fear of stretching their skin around that part. Yes, the same area where some people can't even touch near the eye with an object yet alone have laser near it. All I can say is GENIUS! I can see BIG improvements in my skin. Once again, thank you Dr. Lee! "
– Mary P. Dublin, CA
"I had very bad broken blood vessels on my nose which have bothered me for years. I went to a couple different doctors who used lasers which helped a little. I decided to give Dr. Lee a try and right away noticed a big difference. Her treatments worked much better. I highly recommend her."
" DR LEE MAKES ME BEAUTIFUL I am not one to enjoy doctor visits but this lady puts a smile on my face with her charming personality as well as makes me look pretty (which also makes me smile when I see myself in the mirror!) Beauty and vanity, thy name is woman and Dr. Christina Lee is our muse. When people ask what is the secret to my looks? I slyly tell them good genes but inside I wink and smile the real answer is my doctor. "
Dr. Lee is not only an exceptional doctor; she is warm, caring, compassionate, wonderful person. She's taken great care of me, my parents and children. My whole family loves her. My teenage son usually can't stand doctors and won't listen even to my advice when it comes to his skin but will listen to her. She is extremely attentive and good listener. She spends so much time with her patients and that is a rare quality to find in a doctor. I work in the medical field and see and hear patients complaining about different doctors--some that I know are really good but here they treated someone badly or rudely. More often I hear complaints about how rude the doctor's staff is. But you get to know an office pretty well if you go a lot. You can tell when an office is really bad pretty quick. Dr. Lee's office is just like her--always warm, friendly, caring, and really go that extra mile for their patients. Her staff being so nice is a reflection of how important treating patient’s right is for Dr. Lee. I don't think I'd take very seriously any negative comments from someone who went to a doctor once. I need to add in this extra bit for my parents who are both elderly--she is so incredibly wonderful with my parents and that means so much to me. They are getting very forgetful and more frail. They need an extraordinary amount of care and attention which I feel most of their doctors really don't take the time to do. Dr. Lee is one of the only doctors I know who truly takes time to help my parents with their needs even if it means having herself and her staff repeat things over and over again, and writing and rewriting instructions to help them remember. It has been very difficult for me and it's so nice to have Dr. Lee and her staff being so supportive as I'm dealing with the effects of their aging. I find it amazing how well Dr. Lee deals with patients of all ages."
" Very grateful patient
I work in the medical field and first heard of Dr. Lee when she was giving lectures at a medical conference. I heard she was outstanding by other colleagues so then I went out of my way to attend her next lecture. She impressed me with her obvious expertise in lasers and cosmetics. I then started seeing her as my doctor. I've been so happy with my care that I've referred many other friends, colleagues, and family members. She is very straightforward and cuts to the chase. I have complete trust in her skills and knowledge. There was one time that she referred me to a hair specialist at UCSF and it turns out they couldn't think of anything in addition to what she was already doing for me! I have learned that if it's in her field, there's no one better to solve the problem. I have many complex issues and needed a doctor who had the expertise and patience to figure things out with me. She is a superb physician in every way and I'm grateful to have her as my doctor."
I have had numerous skin cancers treated by Dr. Lee and before her had many skin cancers treated by other doctors: plastic surgeons and Mohs surgeons. After having Dr. Lee work on me, I can see a big difference in the quality of work. I would never consider having anyone else operate on me now that I have seen the difference. Not all Mohs surgeons are good! I've been to a couple in Walnut Creek and another in S.F. who did horrible work on me in retrospect. She is a perfectionist and cares truly about the welfare of her patients. She has my highest recommendations."
" There are not enough words to describe how much I respect Dr. Lee. I see her often for skin checks, but also for other dermatological needs. Dr. Lee is a perfectionist and wants to do what is best for her patients. Her office staff is friendly, caring, and very professional. She performed Moh's surgery on my nose after finding skin cancer. After a consultation, she did a skin graft and followed up with laser treatments. Today the scar is barely visible and people are amazed at the results. I see Dr. Lee every three months for skin checks and each time I leave the office with peace of mind knowing Dr. Lee saw me. Recently I went to Dr. Lee for skin laser and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results. Dr. Lee truly cares about her patients. I am so grateful to have such a caring doctor and person in my life. Living with skin cancer is not easy, but seeing Dr. Lee makes this journey easier. I highly recommend Dr. Lee as a dermatologist."
" TOP LASER DOC I work in the laser industry and know who all the top laser docs are in the world and I choose to go to Dr. Christine Lee. She's the top laser doc in the area and probably one of the best in the world. I tell everyone about her. There are a ton of derms in the bay area but only a handful of people who really know their stuff." - K.A.
" Dr. Lee is hands down the best doctor I've ever been to. She removed a skin cancer off my nose which you can barely see a scar. She also removed another skin cancer from my lip which also you can't tell I had anything done. She's a miracle worker!" - GJ
" Dr Lee is tops in her field. She is warm and caring, very smart, and incredibly good at what she does. Her office is exceptionally well run and all the people who work for her are very caring and professional too which I believe is a good reflection of how much the doctor cares." - J Lewis
" I've had numerous skin cancers thru out my life and have been to many derms and even several other Mohs surgeons. Not everyone cares about the patient-some just want to cut on you and forget there's a person there. Dr Lee is not only the best at what she does but she truly cares about me as a person. I have horrible scars from the other surgerys I've had-those doctors didn't even care when I complained about my scars. This may not be because she's a woman but I think that has something to do with it (she pretty much a perfectionist) that she cares about appearance and would be more sensitive about how the scars look so takes better care."- J.F.
"As it has been about 6 months since the Active FX treatment, I wanted to send a quick email update on my face. Well- long story short- it looks so fantastic I don't even know where to start!! I am just so ecstatic over how good my skin looks! I am absolutely positive it hasn't looked this good since I was in my mid twenties- REALLY!! I honestly cannot thank you enough for all you have done! The texture is so smooth, and the coloring is really even. The Sculptra just put the perfect finish on everything else- I absolutely LOVE the way you filled in my cheeks slightly and gave a bit more dimension to my cheekbones and undereye area. Now I can really appreciate how important it is to have someone with the expertise (and artistic talent) shaping my face- the results are just phenomenal! I know I keep saying this- but I just can't tell you enough - I am really thankful and so lucky to have access to you and your fantastic staff and your expert care!"
"I have gotten SO MANY compliments on my face/skin I can't possibly tell them to you in this email- people have no idea WHAT it is - but they NOTICE. I went to the same Retreat I go to every year (many of these people I hadn't seen in more than a year- since before I had anything done). Men (more than one - ha ha) were telling me how youthful and radiant I looked! Women - and these are very well to do NYC women- were asking me what my secret was! I mean- random people come up and tell me I have a great 'look' - with my hair and porcelain skin! It happens ALL THE TIME! The girl at the Clinique counter thought I was wearing the Glow cream they sell- and didn't believe me when I said I was 'au natural'. I could go on and on...and believe me, these things DID NOT happen before! I couldn't be happier with the results !! All the Best!"
" I just wanted to thank Dr. Lee and her staff for taking such good care of me and my first major skin cancer. I work outside and gotten really sun damaged (my wife calls me leather face). I had been seeing another dermatologist who kept treating this growth near my lip and having me come back every month. It never went away and suddenly 2 months it grew twice as big. He told me it was a skin cancer and referred me to Dr. Lee who immediately got me in.

Dr. Lee and her staff took a lot of time with me explaining the surgical options (removal vs. Mows). The skin cancer was quite large by the time dr. Lee removed it all but I am happy that it is gone. I was worried about how bad I was going to look once the stitches were out but I have to say it looks pretty good. I do not have misshapenness around my lip and the scar is rather unnoticeable.

I wish my other Doc had referred me earlier but he is nice guy who I have seen for years. I'll just make sure I see Dr. Lee if I have any other cancers." - Johnny S. – Walnut creek
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