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Acne is not just a skin condition that teenagers struggle with. Every year, Dr. Lee sees hundreds of patients come into The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute with adult acne. From mild to severe, acne can be embarrassing to patients of all ages. Therefore, Dr. Lee is committed to providing solutions that work. Many patients that seek her advice have already tried over the counter treatments and special face washes. These products can only do so much before a patient needs to seek professional assistance from a dermatologist.

Acne, Walnut Creek

Everyone’s acne is different, just as everyone’s skin is different. Not every treatment will work for every patient. Developing a treatment plan that takes into account the patient’s skin will provide the most effective results. Here are just a few of the solutions that Dr. Lee uses to treat her patients who are dealing with acne:


This treatment is done to address a number of skin conditions, such as uneven skin tone, color, hyperpigmentation, acne, and fine lines and wrinkles. It polishes the upper layer of the skin to bring forth fresh skin underneath. In addition to acne, this treatment can brighten and improve anyone’s skin.

Chemical Peels

Dead skin and problem areas can be removed through chemical peels. A specific mixture of ingredients is applied to the patient’s face to remove and clear the skin of impurities. It is then cleaned off to reveal healthy skin from below. Sun protection is important after chemical peels to protect this fragile, new skin.

Laser and Light Therapies

Many laser light therapies can assist in improving the skin’s surface. When it comes to oil and inflammation produced from acne, many of these procedures can lessen the appearance of acne and improve the skin’s texture and tone. Some of these treatments include blue light therapy, pulsed light and heat energy therapy, and photodynamic therapy.

Dr. Lee also has a number of treatments that can address damage caused by acne. Acne scars are unsightly and can be embarrassing for patients as they age. Various treatments can be used to lessen the appearance of these scars over time and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

If you are interested in learning more about effective acne treatments, schedule your consultation appointment today with The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute. We are committed to providing excellent care, service, and results!

Dr. Christine Lee

Dr. Min-Wei Christine Lee

Dr. Christine Lee is a Board-certified Dermatologist with sub-specialties in laser surgery, cosmetic surgery, Mohs Micrographic Surgery, facial plastic reconstruction, and dermatologic surgery. She leads The Skin And Laser Treatment Institute as its Director and serves as Clinical Faculty for the Department of Dermatologic Surgery at the University of California San Francisco. Patients travel from across the globe for her expertise, and Dr. Lee has trained thousands of stateside and international doctors.

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