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Are you tired of reading online reviews about skin care products and taking a guess about which ones will work well for you? Have you spent a lot of money on products promising great results, only to wind up throwing them out after their results fall short? That’s where Skin Type Solutions®, a groundbreaking way of determining your ideal skin care regimen, comes in. At The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute in Walnut Creek, CA, board certified dermatologist Dr. M. Christine Lee is trained in using this customized methodology to determine the Baumann Skin Type you have and then recommend the perfect products to revitalize and optimize your skin.

How Skin Type Solutions works

The process for determining your ideal skin care routine is simple! First, you take a short Skin Type Solutions quiz that asks questions about your skin’s:

  • Sensitivity
  • Moisture levels
  • Wrinkling
  • Discoloration

Based on the responses, Dr. Lee will assign you a four-letter Baumann Skin Type designation, such as “DRPT” that stands for “dry, resistant, pigmented, tight” or “OSNW” that stands for “oily, sensitive, non-pigmented, wrinkle prone.” Each four-letter skin type has a number that makes it easy for you to remember.

Based on the skin type that is identified for you, our team of professionals will explain all you need to know about your skin type and how to care for it, as well as the perfect products for your skin. The products that we recommend are certified by Skin Type Solutions® as proven to be beneficial for your unique skin type and have been thoroughly tested.

In addition to recommending which products to use, we work with you to teach you how to use them as well. After you have been using your new skin care regimen for about a month, we will conduct a follow-up appointment to evaluate how well your routine is working and will adjust as needed.

Why Skin Type Solutions works

Approximately 80 percent of people don’t know what type of skin they have, which is essential information for identifying which products will work best for them. Dr. Leslie Baumann developed this skin typing system to identify 16 unique skin types, which has become the gold standard for dermatological skin typing. With the Baumann skin type system, medical practitioners like Dr. Lee can give their patients the best recommendations possible that are custom-tailored to their individual skin. The guesswork in identifying which products will have the best results is removed, and patients can enjoy brighter, firmer, and more even skin. The Skin Type Solutions products are formulated to be used under the supervision of a doctor so you can achieve the best results possible.

Schedule your personalized consultation today

Stop spending money and time using ineffective skin care products and experience the difference that the customized Skin Type Solutions regimen can make on the health, function, and appearance of your skin. Dr. M. Christine Lee loves working with patients to identify their ideal skincare regimen using Skin Type Solutions and seeing the fabulous results they achieve. Call The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute in Walnut Creek, CA today at (925) 528-0117 to schedule your personalized consultation!

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