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About Dr. Min-Wei Christine Lee

Laser & Cosmetic Surgeon, Dermatologic Surgeon, Mohs Skin Cancer Surgeon, Laser Skin Care Expertise

Dr. Min-Wei Christine Lee - Laser and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dermatologic Surgeon

Min-Wei Christine Lee, M.D., M.P.H. is Board-certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology and further sub-specialized by completing a distinguished fellowship in Laser Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Mohs Micrographic Surgery/Skin Cancer/Facial Plastic Reconstruction, and Advanced Dermatologic Surgery from University of California, San Francisco.

She is the Director of The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute in Walnut Creek, CA. Dr. Lee remains academically involved as clinical faculty for the Department of Dermatologic Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco, by teaching residents and medical students, conducting research, and writing papers. She has authored numerous scientific articles and papers on laser surgery, cosmetic surgery, skin cancer, and dermatologic surgery. She is a pioneer and researcher in laser and cosmetic surgery. On the cutting edge of laser technology, she works extensively with many laser companies to develop new devices and procedures that have become gold standards within the industry.

Dr. Christine Lee's Appearance on ABC-7 News on April 22nd

Dr. Christine Lee's Appearance on ABC-7 News on April 22nd
Cosmetic procedures are only as good as the quality of the products they use! For instance, this patient narrates his experience at a tattoo parlor, which resulted in a terrible skin reaction. As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Christina Lee is here to save the day. With the help of FDA-approved equipment, she was able to help this patient overcome his unpleasant experience.

There are many reasons for getting a tattoo but there are very few easy options for getting rid of one. Now that a new generation of lasers are helping to erase tattoos faster and more completely than ever before. So this is one of my favorite bands, so it is finally time to make my mark. Wayne Bland paid a painful price to the heavy metal band ACDC. Not long after the tattooed the group’s logo on his arm he started noting a reaction on his skin. Eventually it got to a point where it was almost like the skin was swelling to appoint where it hurt.  Turns out; Wayne was allergic to a compound that was used in the blue ink that was in the lettering. To make matters worse the colour is notoriously hard to remove even with commonly used lasers. He eventually turned to walnut creek dermatologist Dr. Christine Lee – Usually Blues and Greens never go away so if you have a weak powered Q switch laser you could be treating it 16 20 30 treatments and you are not going to get anywhere. To remove the stubborn blue ink Dr Lee will use 2 separate lasers, FDA approved to treat tattoos and pigmented lesions, the first known as the Pico Sure which delivers an ultra sound burst of energy known to physically shatter the ink particles. Each particle is known to be delivered in a trillionth of a second. Next Dr. lee follows up with a powerful succulent laser known as the Fotona, which can deliver 4 separate Wave lengths allowing it to treat multi coloured tattoos. Before and after photos show results of a single session which is typically repeated several times or more so over the course of weeks or months. Dr. Lee says the new generations of lasers are able to completely erase blue and green ink and generally work about twice as fast as earlier technologies. They will go away more completely and with fewer treatments. Still the treatments can cost up to anywhere from a few 100 dollars to several thousand depending on the size of the tattoo. For Wayne the concerns go beyond being simply cosmetic and to reducing the pain. Well ideally I just like that inflammation to stop, so that is what this means to me. New lasers are more powerful but Dr. Lee says a short burst actually tends to be safer than older technologies that could leave scars in the case of larger or more difficult to remove tattoos.

Through her own research, Dr. Lee has developed techniques that have greatly improved the effectiveness and results of laser treatments. Dr. Lee is cited as a "Laser Expert" and is in constant demand to give lectures. She has treated countless patients in her private practice and has been involved with the training of thousands of doctors from all over the world. The book, the Ultimate Guide for the Best Skin Ever: LASERS is the first in a series devoted to educating the consumer on skin care and procedures.

the Ultimate Guide for the Best Skin Ever: LASERS

The book,

The Ultimate Guide for the Best Skin Ever: LASERS

is the first in a series devoted to educating the consumer on skin care and procedures. The first in a series of direct to consumer books, The Ultimate Guide For the Best Skin Ever: Lasers serves as a no-nonsense, straight-talking resource to readers who want the inside information on cosmetic skin laser treatments.

Few videos of Doctor Lee has been featured in

Dr Lee featured on CBS October 26th
What are the dangers of corner shop cosmetics? Dr. Christina Lee talks about her experience, particularly with unfortunate victims of poor quality products and procedures that ended up costing them way more than their money's worth. It's dangerous to use unauthorized providers for treatment procedures such as Botox, fillers and laser treatments. Here Dr. Lee discusses what you should look out for when you're choosing the right professional.

Now Call Kurtis undercover investigation into medi-spas. Some women go in for quick beauty treatments and end up burnt or even scarred. Tonight Kurtis exposes concerns that people performing these procedures may not be qualified to do so. And we are talking about treatment like Botox and laser hair removal happening in salons, medi-spas even dentist offices. The industry is 7 times the size it was a decade ago, but some doctors are blowing the whistle on what they call a danger. They are quick procedures, than to make you more beautiful. I literally had black eyes – but who is performing treatments at medi-spas? You don’t want the doctor doing I because he doesn’t do it like we do. Have they done it correctly? It was burning I was terrified – you could end up scarred for life. Thy can kill people. Careful not to burn a batch of cookies, they are not done yet. Carmella Takacs, the medi-spa she went to was just as cautious with her skin during her laser treatment, all of a sudden I could see all these marks from the laser just burn marks – because the nurse who was supposed to remove her wrinkles turned to laser too high scarring her face casing excruciating pain – I was afraid to go out of the house I was crying and depressed. This is the injection site – Tammer Pierce went to a Roseville medi-spa for Botox but instead she said the nurse injected her with a different type of filler leaving her with 2 black eyes and a swollen face that lasted weeks. The doctor I went to after said I could have lost both eyes. In both medi spas doctors names were attached to the centers but no doctor was present that day – many of these places are operating without ever having a doctor on cite. Board certified dermatologist Dr. Christine Lee says don’t be fooled by a doctors name on the door at a medi spa or a brochure – because they may just lend their names to the clinic to collect a pay cheque. She says in many cases nurses and aesthetician are performing these procedures, and warns that this is what can happen – this omen ended up with stripes burned across her face after a laser treatment went wrong. this woman with burns all over her back – how a bad Botox injection caused nerve damage forcing this patient’s eye shut for an entire year, and this  woman ended up with an infection on her face. The harm could last with someone forever. We went undercover to see how was on duty at 3 medi-spas in our region, at each location our producer posing as some on who wants laser hair removal and Botox is told no doctor is here. Instead nurses do the procedures, infact listen to his nurses response. So now when it comes to both Botox and the laser hair who does that? Does a doctor have to do that? Nope, no you don’t want the doctor doing it. Because he doesn’t do it like we do it. She and a nurse at another medi spa said patients will meet the doctor first although it may happen through a web cam. You’ll see him or you might see him through the computer screen, might see him in a room just depending on the day and time. How often should a doctor be in these procedures? Regularly. Trisha Hunter with the American Nurses Association of California says that no state agency is adequately watching over medi-spas. We license barber shops, why wouldn’t we license medi-spas. She argues that nurses are properly qualified to carry out these treatment as long as a doctor is within reach. But she says the California medical board has never defined proper supervision – whether the doctor must be on site within a few miles or even just a phone call away – you think the medical board should have established that by now? Yes I do, absolutely think they should have established that by now. What is taking so long? I really don’t know – I know that the clarifications are coming. The state medical board is now posting regulations for laser treatments. Saying a doctor must be immediately available defined as contactable y electronic or telephonic means without delay, interruptible and able to furnish appropriate assistance and direction though out the performance of the procedure. Based on the definition you gave a doctor could be available through email in Europe. A doctor could be available through email in Europe – yes. A lot of this is going to be on the physician to exercise judgment. It doesn’t go far enough for Carmella who wishes a doctor was there the day she was burned. After years of follow up treatment her scars have finally faded to the point where make up covers them. Tanner live with what appears to be a permanent pimple on her face. This red spot here is permanent. Something both women we think would never have happened if a doctor treated them. I just hope that other people that go that they have learned enough from all these people who have been burned to make sure they have seen a doctor. The medi-spa where she was treated is out of business. The nurse who treated Tanner has moved to a different salon now by law, a doctor must own 50 percent of any medical spa in the state of California and they must have a standardized procedure for the nurses. Besides that the medical board says it is not their job to dictate how doctors run their practices that is so eye opening especially those web cams – what is up with that? Exams with those does the medical board allow it? They have no guidelines on web cams whatsoever so doctors have started to do with the technology and the medical board has not waited. What should people do when they see a report like this before going to one of these spas – you know there are a lot of questions asked. The questions I would ask is – who owner the place, will I see a doctor, who’s doing the procedure, what is their training, will a doctor be there that day? If not what happens if there is a complication? And also the medical board has some stuff they have listed on this as well – were going to post that on well based on what they do there it looks like the wild west into many situations – they are relying on doctors to run their practices. Great report Kurtis thanks.

Dr. Lee featured on Good Morning America on Tuesday November 25
Out with the old and in with the new! Ageing is very quickly becoming a thing of the past. With all the cutting-edge technology we now have, it's entirely possible to slow down the aging process! Even celebrities who have suffered long-term harmful effects from the sun enjoy these benefits. Watch as Dr. Christina Lee demonstrates this on her patient, who can immediately see the results!

So, there is a new way to fight wrinkles it is a non-surgical procedure that is this laser technology used to attack wrinkles from the inside put—our girl Rita Ninin has the story. Move over saggy creased skin there is a new skin treatment in town and it is called the inside out facial.  Jackie Adams was a popular model in the 1980s, she posed on the covers of magazines like Vogue and Elle but her days of outdoor sports like rock climbing exposed her to days of wind and sun. Now with plans to return to action she is hoping to smooth out some facial lines. Adam turned to dermatologist Dr. Christina Lee who helped pioneer a new treatment. The procedure is a laser that delivers targeted heat from inside the mouth. Dr. Lee says the goal is to soften the tight tissue and produce a smooth effect on the skins surface. Dr. lee says patients undergo several treatments – roughly 1500 dollars a session and results can last for months. Just look at Jackie’s before and after. For Good morning America – Rita Ninin, ABC New York. The lengths that we will go to!

Dr. Lee interviewed on KTVU
Skin cancer is notoriously one of the largest preventable diseases that take the lives of many annually. Dr. Christine Lee talks about protection methods that are easy to follow but require better awareness of exposure and consistency in using sunscreen. She educates the public on a quick and easy self-examination test to identify any early-onset anomalies.

Coming up next hot summer fun but also with a possibility of skin cancer, what you need to do and know. Well it is a hot weekend and plenty of sunshine and sun bring which in turn can also affect whether or not you can get skin cancer now no matter what your skin type is white yellow brown black – skin cancer can affect anyone. My next guest is a dermatologist and special guest who specializes in early detection and treatment of all forms of skin cancer – I would like to welcome Dr. Christine Lee of Walnut Creek East Bay and Skin Care center incorporated – I guess one of the first questions I have to ask you is – since we hear more about protecting ourselves from skin cancer are skin cancer cases are more prevent or less? It has become much more prevalent and common – we are actually in the middle of the largest skin cancer epidemic ever in history – is that in the united states or around the world or any particular portion of the – especially in the united states – one in 5 people in the US will let skin cancer. Wow I would think for years we have learnt how to take care of ourselves – by using lotion and staying out of the sun during peak hour – that we would be more careful but it doesn’t t sound like it – people are more aware of it and certainly people are wearing sun screen more unfortunately sunscreen also has its limitations and we don’t want to discourage people from using it – infact you have to wear it, it’s better than nothing. A lot of people are thing in they can stay out in the sun longer because they are wearing sunscreen and that is actually making it much wore for all of us because the real intention of sunscreen is to prevent us from getting sunburnt and used to be that someone got sun burnt and they realize they need to cover up and go inside now you are not sunburnt and you think oh I can lay out in the sun longer and that is actually why people are getting more sun damage okay so we think it will protect us so we go out more yes that is one of the things people stay out longer. So I have to say when you go through the photographs they are rather graphic of the cancer so you might want to turn your head or turn away  but we are going to talk a little bit  about the signs of skin cancer – so this is a chart and what does this chart show – that chart shows us the A B C D E’s of detecting melanomas which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer and A – for asymmetry, B – border, C is for Colour D is for Diameter, and E is for Evolving. So those are sign that you look at for when you look for skin cancer – when you are looking for yourself and people have any different lesions, brown spots, mole very common this will help you at least have a starting point. Let’s take a look at the photos we have. So what does this show? This actually shows a melanoma – oh! So does melanoma change from case to case or is it just like this?  No infact if you see something like this you are probably going to have a very bad outcome – unfortunately people think oh if I have – if you saw this you would say oh I am in trouble I have to go and see the doctor – usually that is too late – definitely is asymmetrical and it is pretty dark – when one has melanoma lie in this case just that one spot? Usually it can arise out of a preexisting mole and then literally overnight it would start having or it could get bigger darker or start bleeding – then you have to call your dermatologist right way you should not wait for it to look like that picture – you should try to catch it early –that is a very  advanced case. Okay let’s look at this – this is a little bump on someone’s forehead and you can very easily mistake that for a mole or even a pimple. Basel cell carcinoma often starts off by looking like an insect bite or it can look like a zit and they are pink little bumps – the difference is if you have a pimple it is probably going to go away – skin cancer will persist and continue to grow – this will not go away. Wow! That lesion is very advanced squamous cell carcinoma. So is it the dark brown spot we are looking at or the entire red? Well the whole leg is it – the skin cancer often times if they start to grow the skin around it and also start to change. Okay what is this one? That is also a Basel Cell Carcinoma. So Basel Cells Carcinoma is what I understand as least lethal? Correct. It is the least dangerous – normally does not cause death – and people who have it – very treatable especially when caught early it is not going to cause a huge scar even. These do not spread so people don’t die for those. And this one is? That is a melanoma. So a little dark spot that is oddly shaped and I would say this is a relatively advanced – because of the size? Yes it could sometimes from the moment a melanoma appear it can be very aggressive there are slow grown in cancers and there are fast growing caners.


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