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Teoxane Products

Teoxance Wrinkle-Filling Products

Dr. Christine Lee has designed an inclusive menu of services for patients based on sound scientific evidence and clinical testing. We are happy to offer Teoxance wrinkle-filling products to give our patients more options for facial rejuvenation designed around their specific needs.

TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals

TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals - The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute - Walnut Creek, CA

Imagine confidence that only comes with being confident in your skin. Teoxane laboratories a market leader in aesthetic medicine is making benefit of their patented hyaluronic acid products, available in a specialized line of skin care. These products are clinically proven to hydrate the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles, resulting in the restoration of volume, and the youthful appearance. Unlinked traditional hyaluronic acid, Teoxane has resilient hyaluronic acid that delivers unsurpassed hydration – a key to moisturizing and tightening the skin. Based in Geneva Switzerland the strength of Teoxane is the result of more than 10 years of research that combines are resilient hyaluronic acid with specific complex ingredients for targeted response to the visible signs of ageing. Try Teoxane RHA cosmeceuticals products – innovation and purity that offer you a healthy glow with subtle and a natural results. Teoxane laboratories – confident in your skin, and confident in your life.

Teoxane injectibles and cosmeceuticals are 100% free of animal products, containing Hyaluronic acid, minerals, and amino acids all carefully chosen for outstanding skin hydration. In combination, Teoxane injectibles and cosmetic products can fill even deeper lines like nasolabial folds, revealing more youthful, more radiant skin.

Learn more about the Teoxane product line in your consultation with Dr. Lee. Call (925) 528-0117 for your appointment.

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