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Soprano Ice Platinum

Men and women across the United States have discovered the freedom of smooth, sleek skin without daily shaving or painful waxing. Laser hair removal has changed how we groom, look, and dress. Now, the Soprano Ice Platinum system, available at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute in Walnut Creek, CA, is taking hair removal to the next level of comfort, safety, and effectiveness.

Soprano Ice Platinum, Walnut Creek

How a hair removal laser machine works

Each hair progresses through three stages before shedding. In the anagen phase, the hair follicle is developing, and the shaft emerges. During the catagen transition phase, the follicle begins to collapse. Then, as the follicle enters the telogen resting stage the shaft is expelled.

Laser treatment targets hairs in the growth phase. That is fortunate since, at any given time, about 80 to 90 percent of hairs are in the anagen stage. The laser device emits pulses of light in a wavelength that passes through skin but is absorbed by pigments in the structure of the hair shaft – a principle called selective photothermolysis or SPTL. As the follicle is heated, basal stem cells, which cause hair growth, die and are harmlessly eliminated from the body.

Since only anagen-phase hairs respond to laser treatment, several sessions spaced about a month apart are necessary for full clearance. However, density begins to lessen after the first treatment. Treated hairs will not grow back, although the body can produce some new follicles each year. This growth is typically fine and sparse, and easily controlled with a periodic touch-up session.

The Soprano Ice Platinum hair removal experience in Walnut Creek, CA

The Soprano Ice Platinum platform brings three wavelengths together simultaneously in one applicator for the most effective treatment available. Each wavelength targets a different anatomical part of the hair follicle – bulge, bulb, or papilla.

Patients love these features:

  • Painless application – Most people describe treatment as a massage-like feeling. High-repetition, high-energy pulses reach therapeutic temperature quickly, without heat buildup in the skin – the source of discomfort and potential burns with earlier generations of laser hair removal equipment.
  • Efficient – Appointments are shorter, even for large areas such as legs or back.
  • No downtime – Return to work or a workout right after a laser hair removal session.
  • Versatility – There is no better system of hair removal for facial hair (ears, eyebrows, upper lip), small areas (cheeks, toes, belly button), or delicate areas (there is a hygienic disposable tip for intimate regions). Yet the integrated system is also effective on neck, chest, back, arms, and legs.
  • Safety – Treatment can be performed whether hair is fine or coarse; dark or light; dense or thin; on fair or richly-pigmented complexions – even tanned skin.
  • Cost -effective – When you ask, “How much is laser hair removal?” consider how much time and money you spend in a year on razors, shave cream, depilatories, and salon treatments. Results of laser treatment are long-lasting.

Imagine looking and feeling well-groomed 24/7/365. Then call the laser hair removal clinic trusted throughout the Walnut Creek, CA area and beyond – The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute – (925) 528-0117.

Dr. Christine Lee

Dr. Min-Wei Christine Lee

Dr. Christine Lee is a Board-certified Dermatologist with sub-specialties in laser surgery, cosmetic surgery, Mohs Micrographic Surgery, facial plastic reconstruction, and dermatologic surgery. She leads The Skin And Laser Treatment Institute as its Director and serves as Clinical Faculty for the Department of Dermatologic Surgery at the University of California San Francisco. Patients travel from across the globe for her expertise, and Dr. Lee has trained thousands of stateside and international doctors.

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