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Give age spots the cold shoulder: Introducing Glacial Rx™ treatment at our Walnut Creek, CA office

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We at the Skin and Laser Treatment Institute are pleased to introduce Glacial Rx™ treatment to our patients in and around Walnut Creek, CA. Glacial Rx™ is the first FDA-cleared dermatological system to use Cryomodulation™. This technique uses controlled cooling to remove benign (non-cancerous) spots on the skin, such as sun damage like hyperpigmentation (age spots).

Introduction Glacial Rx™ in Walnut Creek, California

Show your Strength Glacial Rx™ in Walnut Creek CA

Say goodbye to age spots. Show your savvy show your strength, show your style, not your age spots. Banish age spots with cooling technology, that soothes as it reveals younger looking skin. Glacial Rx

Warm up to Glacial Rx™

Cryomodulation™ suppresses the production of melanin, the pigment that gives our skin (and hair and eyes) its color. When melanin cells (melanocytes) cluster together in response to unprotected exposure to harmful UV light from the sun’s rays or from artificial sources like tanning beds, they cause hyperpigmentation. These clusters can appear as brown or brownish-colored splotches. 

With a name like “Glacial,” you can also expect a refreshing sensation during treatment. Cooling helps to diminish red discoloration and inflammation. It also accelerates exfoliation and, as dead skin cells are removed, glowing and rejuvenated skin is brought to the surface!

Treatment is fast and easy – and even relaxing! How many medical treatments can you say are calming and spa-like? In fact, we can treat age spots in around 45 minutes. It may take a little longer depending on the number of areas that we need to target.

Glacial Rx™ in Walnut Creek CA best provider in the area

Glacial Rx™ in one, two, three steps: Cooling, calming, protecting.

Treatment starts with us gently putting a specialized cold applicator on each spot that needs to be treated for around 15 to 20 seconds. The process is so well-tolerated that we do not need to apply numbing products, such as topicals or localized anesthetic. 

As the handpiece is passed over your face, the cooling soothes and calms redness and puffy areas. It also helps increase the effectiveness of medical-grade topical products, by increasing their permeability into the skin. 

Quality serums containing antioxidants and brightening agents are then applied to protect your skin and to prevent the very environmental threats that may have contributed to your developing hyperpigmentation in the first place. 

Glacial Rx™ in Walnut Creek CA 93% spots improved

Give risky, invasive treatments the cold shoulder: Glacial Rx™ benefits.

Glacial Rx™ requires no downtime. In fact, common side effects were limited to temporary redness and darkening of the treated skin. The makers of Glacial Rx™, R2 Technologies, report that 91% to 93% of treated spots in an expansive global study were rated as “aesthetically improved” after two months. Generally, patients see improvements in the appearance of their age spots and benign lesions within one month after treatment. While Glacial Rx™ can initially be a “one and done” treatment, more than one treatment session may be required to get the improvements that you desire. Typically, very dark or large spots are more challenging to treat. 

Patients also appreciate that Glacial Rx™ is appropriate for those with all Skin Types (from Skin Type I, or very fair and never tans, to Skin Type V, very dark and never burns). Though, it may be most appropriate for patients with up to Skin Type III, which is fair with darker hair and eyes and the ability to tan. Furthermore, it is a comfortable alternative to other nonsurgical aesthetic procedures that may be ablative (or “wounding” and more invasive). Glacial Rx™ can be performed any time of year, and there is no limit to the number of times this treatment may be administered. Though, personalized skin care and sun protection products and measures can help to sustain the stunning results. 

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Board-certified dermatologist Dr. M. Christine Lee is happy to discuss the best options for you during a consultation. It is also important for a skilled specialist like Dr. Lee to evaluate your skin, as some malignant lesions can resemble harmless benign lesions and age spots. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation.

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