LED/Light Therapy

There have been many advances in skin care in recent years for treating common issues such as aging skin, scarring, or stretch marks. For patients seeking a natural way to improve their skin, LED light therapy can be a highly effective treatment. With this non-invasive procedure offered at Dr. Christine Lee’s office in Walnut Creek, CA, you can restore a youthful, smooth appearance to your skin.

LED/Light Therapy, Walnut Creek

How LED light therapy works

LED light therapy is a completely natural, painless, and chemical-free method for rejuvenating damaged skin. It uses red light to penetrate the skin, which activates your skin at a cellular level to produce collagen, elastin, and other molecules that reverse skin damage and help make your skin look younger. Unlike many other types of skin treatments available to restore skin, LED light therapy:

  • Can be used on all types of skin
  • Does not damage your skin in any way
  • Has no known side effects
  • Is safe for all ages
  • Involves zero downtime after treatment

The treatment only takes about 20 minutes and feels just like laying in the sun. Many patients choose to add LED light therapy onto other treatments to boost their effects.

Different types of light therapy can be used for different conditions. Red light therapy is commonly used for wrinkles and fine lines, and red LED light therapy can also be used for other anti-aging effects, acne, and to treat sun damage and stretch marks. It can also be used to reduce redness after more aggressive intense pulsed light (IPL) or laser treatments.

Some well-known types of LED light therapy are Omnilux and Lite Luxe, but many types of LED light therapy are available. While over-the-counter LED light therapy systems are available, we highly recommend that you go to a qualified professional to have your treatment done, where the treatment will be customized for your skin and you will achieve better results.

To learn more about LED light therapy and what it can do for your skin, call Dr. Christine Lee at The Skin and Laser Treatment Institute, which is conveniently located in Walnut, Creek CA. The office number is (925) 528-0117 and staff are standing by to help you schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

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